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Tuition is tailored to suit children’ individual needs by focusing on re-discovery and re-organisation of knowledge, building confidence and developing competence.


Learning is a creative process. Re-discovery brings joy to learning. Re-organising of knowledge builds confidence. Joy and confidence engage the mind in learning.


Intuitive whiteboards, reliable audio and video re-create classroom interaction between teachers and peers. Increased interaction leads to higher achievement.


Confidence is the key in pursuing bigger challenges and persistent efforts to achieve success. By setting achievable yet challenging progressive goals, confidence is boosted.

Interactive Learning with Immediate Feedback

Learning is not just a ‘transfer of information’. It requires engaged mind. In student-led learning, through interaction with their peers, children become emotionally invested in the learning.

The immediate feedback makes learning more meaningful. In this way, mistakes and false concepts can be corrected more quickly, at the moment when they are faced with challenges.

All-in-one Online Learning

Live lessons with qualified teachers, interactive and engaging high-end learning resource
and learning support after class. Just what students need.

Live Lesson

Personalised and focused live lessons with qualified and experienced teachers that are currently teaching in top UK schools.

Fast Feedback

Students learn better with interactive and engaging top-of-the-line paid online learning resources that provide immediate feedback.

Proactive Push

Students have access to teachers after lessons. Teachers also engage students if progress is not satisfactory. We all need a push, sometimes.

What Parents Say About Us

“ Since starting English course, my son has made a very good progress, and he is keen to learn more than ever! I would recommend anyone to try the English course.”
“ Maths teacher is truly great, and having a good teacher is really important to learn anything. I would have no hesitation in recommending WiseBees Academy.”
“ I am really happy to have a passionate and experienced science teacher for my son. I have looked for too long until I have found WiseBees, and it finds great teachers.”



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